Music in VR

This is the post excerpt.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt Dahlbacka and I am working on a suite of music making apps for virtual reality (VR).  I created this site to share some of my ideas with all of you.  I am very enthusiastic about the potential for making music in VR and I hope that after reading about some of my ideas you will agree that VR is an exciting new frontier for digital music.

First a little background info:  I am a technologist with a background in electro-mechanical technology as well as information technology (IT).  I spent many years working as an electro-mechanical technologist on cutting-edge projects for R&D labs in the field of high-energy physics.  I then moved on to IT where I designed and operated complex IT infrastructure systems on both a national and global scale.  Throughout all of this I passionately pursued my interest in music – playing electric guitar and tinkering with various electronic music machines.  I also studied music theory and a handful of other topics with the Berklee College of Music’s online extension program – Berklee Online.

Nearly two years ago I became interested in VR and got myself a development kit from Oculus (Rift DK2) so I could experience this exciting new technology and see for myself what it was all about.  Like many others I was “blown away” by the VR experience and immediately began thinking of ways to apply my passion for music in new ways.  I got ahold of Unity 3D and started modeling different ways to make and experience music in VR and have since come up with several ideas for apps that I think will be both fun and intuitive new ways to make and play with electronic music.  I came up with the name WaveMaker VR © for my new journey and began work on the following software titles:

TapeLooper VR © (a 3D musical looper)
BeatBall VR © (a 3D musical video game)
MusicBox VR © (a 3D music and visual art creation tool)
MixMaster VR © (a 3D DJ tool for mixing and mashing music)

Over the next weeks and months I hope to share more info about each of these titles, including what they are, how they work, and what I hope they will ultimately become.  I am an independent developer (indie) and have other life responsibilities so I work on these projects as I find the time.  It is my hope that through sharing my ideas with all of you that I will gain sufficient interest to secure the necessary resources to turn this into a full-time effort.

I’m really excited about these projects and I hope that once you see what I’m doing you will be too!

Below is a whiteboard sketch I make during the imagination phase of TapeLooper VR ©.  It shows multiple musicians collaborating on a multi-track loop in 3D…



Thanks for checking out my new site.  More info about my apps coming soon.  Please feel free to reach out if you share an interest in music in VR.